The Czech Macedonian Association of Commerce (CMAC) actively supports economic cooperation, development of business and trade relations between the Czech Republic and Republic of North Macedonia. It particular fosters cooperation between entrepreneurs, SME and multinational companies as well as cooperation with state institutions, associations, chambers of commerce and other entities through joint initiatives and activities on local and international level both in Czech Republic and Macedonia.

The Association represents, advises and directly supports Macedonian and Czech companies that want to establish or expand their foreign business. It offers Czech and Macedonian companies an extensive network of contacts, expertise and represents their interests when communicating with institutions, business community and the public. CMAC has experience and knowledge in different segments and industries such as infrastructure, construction, transportation and logistics, industrial manufacturing, energy, natural resources and renewables, agrobusiness, food processing, wine industry, telecommunications, media, technology, research and development. It provides business and advisory services to entrepreneurs, public and private entities, supports innovation and competitiveness among SME, provides expertise in terms of access to local, EU and international funds, project development and implementation.

Address of the Association: Rybná 682/14, 110 00 Staré Město, Praha

Contact email: