Conditions and membership fee

The CMAC has a wide range of members that can provide various commercial services on advantageous terms.

If the service you require is not mentioned in the below list, don’t worry, the CMAC team will aim to find the most suitable service, whatever your business needs.

If you feel that your company could fit better in this members services, please contact Ljiljiana Jovanovski Asenov and Licy Martinez Starková: and

The following commercial services are available for:

A) Individuals, individual entrepreneurs, enterprises and business entities
with the number of employees: 0. Annual fee: 1 000 Kč.

B) Enterprises and business structures with the number of employees: 1-5. Annual fee: 3 000 Kč. 

C) Enterprises and businesses with the number of employees: 6-49. Annual fee: 5 000 Kč.

D) Enterprises and businesses with the number of employees: 50-100. Annual fee: 10 000 Kč.

E) Enterprises and businesses with more than 100 employees. Annual fee: 20 000 Kč.

F) Non-profit organizations*

G) Trade union organizations*

H) Sponsors*

I) General Partners*

* Memberships for these groups of partners should be consulted with our representatives. Please contact Ljiljiana Jovanovski Asenov and Licy Martinez Starková: and