• Networking and partnerships with Czech and Macedonian business and trade entities, chambers of commerce, associations, and other public and private entities for the purpose of further development of economic and trade relations between the two countries.
    • Data collection, analysis and exchange of information, knowledge and good practices through specialized databases, studies and reports, events, learning and B2B initiatives and analysis through printed and digital media platforms.
    • Tailored representation, networking, accommodation and other assistance services to Macedonian entities for doing business in the Czech Republic and to Czech entities that intend to develop business activities in North Macedonia.
    • Legal, financial, grant management, procurement and other advisory services for business entities to establish, develop, expand and innovate their activities.
    • Consulting activities in identifying business opportunities through cooperation between entities, investment incentives, funding prospects through grants and financial instruments accessible to Macedonian business entities in the Czech Republic and Czech entities in the Republic of North Macedonia.
    • Exchange and promotion of culture, including organization of language courses.
    • Support to organization and involvement in trade missions, in all areas of activity including legal, financial and other services.
    • Organized and regular collection of legislation, information sharing and awareness raising on Czech and Macedonian laws, regulations and practices in the field of business, finance, trade, customs and taxes both in the Republic of North Macedonia and in the Czech Republic.
    • Other activities contributing to the achievement of the main purpose and objectives of the Association in accordance with legal framework of the Czech Republic and Republic of North Macedonia.