Steiner & Kovarik: Elevating Czech Chocolate to New Heights

Steiner & Kovarik: Elevating Czech Chocolate to New Heights

Step into the world of Steiner & Kovarik, a chocolate company deeply rooted in the rich history of Czechia, aiming to revive the nation's presence on the global chocolate stage. With a legacy spanning the days of the First Republic, Steiner & Kovarik are on a mission to elevate Czech chocolate to new heights.

Corporate Values:

  • Love and Joy: Chocolate, for Steiner & Kovarik, is a conscious choice of love and joy. They passionately engage in what they love, infusing their products with a unique and powerful energy.
  • Humility: Recognizing the role within the broader context, they approach their work with humility and respect, fostering a positive and harmonious work environment.
  • Freedom: Steiner & Kovarik believes in the freedom of existence and work, embracing creativity and initiative to bring enthusiasm to their products.
  • Responsibility: Accountability extends beyond the actions at work; the company takes responsibility for their thoughts and feelings in both professional and personal lives. Challenges are faced with determination as they actively seek solutions.

Steiner & Kovarik invites those who share their passion and readiness for challenges to join them on this journey. Steiner & Kovarik is not just crafting chocolate; they are weaving the spirit of Czechia into every joy-filled and lovingly-made piece.

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