Conference Call Czech Macedonia Tourism

Conference Call Czech Macedonia Tourism – Tour Operator Visit to Macedonia and Czech Republic - Direct Flights Prague - Skopje - Ohrid (MKD)


Date: 19.10.2023

Organized by: 

Czech Macedonian Association of Commerce – CMAC (Mrs. Ljiljana Jovanovski Asenov)
Czech Ministry of Industry and Trade (Mr. Adam Gazda)
Fibula Travel, National Association of Tour Operators and Travel Agencies (Mr. Asim Medjedovic)

Meeting notes:

  • Mr. Medjedovic explained the current situation with tourism in Macedonia as very attractive
    and accessible destination in the centre of Western Balkans; He also explained current
    incentives for tour operators in Macedonia 35 EUR per person; Mr. Shemov and Mr.
    Aposotolovski pointed out other incentives for airline companies 7 EUR per person; They also
    explained that the last call for airlines was in January 2023, another call to be announced in
    the following 3 – 4 months by the Macedonian Ministry of Transport of Communications;
  • Wizzair potential airline for estabishing direct flight Skopje – Prague and Ohrid – Prague; meeting soon with TAV Airports;
  • Fibula Travel – NATTA, Mr. Medjedovic proposed direct visit of few Czech tour operators to Macedonian key tourist destinations as Ohrid in November 2023 or next year beginning of season May 2024 in coordination with ACCKA, ACKCR, CzechTourism, tour operators as Blue Style, Alpina, Adventura, Periskop; accommodation to be provided by Mr. Medjedovic;
  • Similar visit to be organized with Macedonian tour operators to Czech Republic and key tourist destinations by ACKCR and supported by CzechTourism;
  • Mr. Adam Gazda pointed out the potential of increased visit of Macedonian, Kosovo and Albanian tourists to Czech Republic as well as other tourists from the Western Balkans if direct flight is arranged and Czech Republic is promoted well as an interesting tourist destination;
  • Mr. Asim Medjedovic recommended first establishing charter flights with tour operators as previously done with Poland, Netherlands, Israel, Austria; the airlines would take over with direct flights once they notice the potential of the market as LOT did, Austrian Airlines, TUI; the tour operators would open both Macedonia and Czech Republic as destinations attractive for direct flights; Kosovo citizens use Skopje airport for travelling abroad; Skopje is
    nearby to other countries from the region;
  • Mr. Majkl Sibinovski explained the potential of the whole region not only Macedonia astourist destination for accessible prices; he pointed out that cultural, round trips with more destinations could be organized; he also pointed out that Prague is very attractive and still not well explored by Macedonian tourists including other destinations from Czech Republic;
  • Mr. Zika explained that as tour operator they are traditionally organizing bus visits with 3 to 4 nights in Macedonia; he explained that there is interest among Czech tourist but that they face difficulties in getting the contribution of 35 EUR; Mr. Zika also pointed out that charter flights to Greece in summer work well and that direct flights to Macedonia, Skopje and Ohrid could also work well;
  • Mr. Ilija Psaltirov explained that there were efforts in the past for direct flight and that the direct flights before worked well; the flights from Poland to Macedonia work well and he pointed out that he is willing to support similar initiative in Czech Republic;
  • Mrs. Barbora Andelova explained how CzechTourism supports promotion of Czech tourism abroad and possibilities for cooperation on both sides; tour operators could cooperate from both countries;
  • Contacts of potential Czech tour operators to be provided by Mr. Zika, Mrs. Andelova and Mr. Veber; please confirm at your earliest convinience;
  • Mr. Vladimir Gramatikov, TAV airports shared information regarding potentially interested airlines as Smartwings or Wizzair; Mr. Gramatikov pointed out the advantage that the season in Macedonia is equally distributed over the year without a specific peak; Mr. Gramatikov also shared available statistics for Skopje - Prague flights (without Bratislava flights, without alternative transport as bus, train and other connecting flights): year 2019 before COVID -
    5000 approx.; year 2022 – 4500 approx.; year 2023 – 2200 first half including Vienna, Belgrade, Warsaw without Bratislava;
  • Mr. Gramatikov supports and welcomes the initiative for direct Skopje – Prague flights as well as charter flights with tour operators as explained by Mr. Medjedovic;
  • Consultative meeting in London UK, first week of November with Mr. Medjedovic, Fibula Travel/NATTA and Mrs. Andelova, CzechTourism;
  • Ljiljana Jovanovski Asenov visit to Skopje 5 – 8.11.2023, possible meetings with TAV, MTC, Agency for Promotion of Tourism, MFA;
  • The participants recommended the visit of Czech tour operators to be postponed to May 2024, beginning of season; in the meantime induvial meetings and calls could be held; Czech and Macedonian Associations should share contacts of potentially interested tour operators to intensify cooperation;



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